The pierced hypocrite hanging from nails

There was a captain and a first mate, though we weren’t on a ship, we were on my back bridge (a patio?) on the highest point of it. There was a horse on the bottom level of it, though I don’t know how a horse fit, it was a small bridge. I made a “Cage” for the horse out of the bridge’s boards, they moved. It was like a wooden snake trap for a horse. It could move and freak out but the boards would never let it out. It was bizarre to watch.

I told the captain, who was angry at this point, that I’d go inside. In the basement there were people I knew. I don’t know how, but I knew them. They were playing games, but they were so rowdy. No one was listning to anyone else. It was chaotic. The point of the game was to see how far you could get on the ceiling of the basement by solely holding on to the nails that were driven into the ceiling… dangling by a nail. One girl was the only one to make it through one room and partway through another room. The captain came in and congratulated me, and her.

I went outside to the side/back of the house. My┬ámom was lounging in the grass, told me she had her lip pierced when she was younger. I was furious that she was such a hypocrite. I tried to cover her mouth, she wouldn’t let me speak, but she kept trying to justify her choices to me through my hand. Her voice was still coming out perfectly. She wouldn’t let me get mine done. In fact she would always yell at me for doing anything different. I pierced my ears once and she got very mad. They’re ears mom. Good thing she doesn’t know about my nipple piercings or my tattoo.

I went back to my old highschool and students that were on my internship were there. I went inside and it was all primary students. 6-8 in age. I had a bag that I tired putting in a classroom, 2 teachers confronted me and I felt like I belonged. It scared me to think I belong with teachers. They showed me a new toy for the students. It was like a pipe gandalf would smoke, except it balanced on the tiny end and on the big end there was a spaceship type thing made of wood.


A baby and a funeral.

My friend had an apartment, I went to see her. It wasn’t a recent friend, but one from high school, we haven’t talked in 5 years or more. She had a pet owl, as well as a kitten.

I dreamt I had a baby. His name was Oliver, at least thats what I remember. It could have been something else, I get names mixed up a lot. He was a toddler, not a baby. He could walk and talk. He took naps, and didn’t like lettuce or broccoli.

I went to my ex boyfriend Jason’s house. His family took me out to dinner, but they made me pay the 2000$ that they racked up on the bill. They all said congrats and me and him were only getting along because I had his baby. I realized it wasn’t his, we hadn’t been together for over 2 years, it couldn’t be his.

We were driving back to the apartment. I was in the backseat between my sister and someone else. My mom was in the front seat. Who was driving? I was putting red lipstick on from the backseat, but I could see in the rear view mirror perfectly to be able to place it just right.

Out of the car, I left and was carrying Olly in my left arm. He had blonde hair, and he was a little chubby like all toddlers are. On the way to that apartment , there were several cats that tried to attack me. One I simply held back with my hand that I tucked into the end of my sweater. It tried to bite me but I just flung it down the corridor where it attacked us and it tumbled and caught the step and just watched us. It was only a kitten, one of those orange and white ones.

I got to the apartment and there was another cat. But it just sat there watching us. My friends didn’t own the apartment anymore, someone else did, they were asleep in the living room. We sat down in the dinning room, I went to the kitchen. It was my grand mother’s funeral. She died 5 months ago in real life. Somehow Olly got put in one of the rooms and took a nap. I went to the bathroom to put more lipstick on. This time there was a mug full of makeup, I had to root around to try and find the lipstick I wanted. The red one, with a black dot on the bottom, I can find that. I tried putting it on and my lips looked weird. Like I had an allergic reaction. My eyes started to get itchy after I finished putting on the lipstick. I thought to myself it’s all the damn cats around. Why did a burry my face in that kitten when I knew I was allergic to it? It was just so damn cute.

Olly came out of his room, rubbing his eyes, wearing his overalls. I gave him a hug and he said it was refreshing. My hands and arms were cold so I rubbed them all over his back and his tummy and he felt better. He wanted to know what the red berries were on the table, so we let him eat one. He liked the strawberries, even though they were starting to go bad. He ate a piece of green and I said that the green of the strawberry is bad for you, they were like tiny rhubarb leaves. Then I realized there was broccoli mixed in with the strawberry bushel I had in my hands. I told him he could eat more red if he ate all the green. He didn’t like the green, he made a face, passively tossed the green lettuce to the floor behind him and just stood there.

I woke up after that. I was in a place between dreams and between waking up. I thought I was home again, in my old bed at my parents’ house. I had to use the bathroom but both bathrooms were occupied by my parents. I waited. And waited. I really gotta go I said to myself. I opened my eyes and I was here, in my bedroom, with the bathroom door wide open.